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Vehicle Tyre Replacement and Repair. Callouts Anywhere in the Country.

We can provide top notch car and tyre maintenance to pretty much any car on the market. Our state of the art tooling and training allows us to quickly and easily fix and replace tyres and other car parts.

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Puncture Repairs

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A car tyre puncture occurs when a pneumatic radial deflates causing the wheel's rim to ride on the ground or on the tread of the tyre. This could potentially lead to loss of vehicle control or permanent tyre damage. If a car is continously used on a flat tyre with a puncture or slow puncture it can end up being very dangerous.

Pickering Tyres can very easily fix a puncture on any car wheel. After bringing your vehicle to us we can quickly and easily determine whether you need a new tyre or just a puncture repair. We will then immediately get to work and repair your puncture in no time at all.

Before we go about mending the tyre it needs to be inspected in order to ensure you're safe when driving. If any of the following things are observed we will have to replace your tyre with a new one:

  • Tread depth below the legal limit of 1.6mm across the tyre's circumference.
  • Broken structural integrity caused by driving on a flat.
  • Any damage caused by external objects.
  • Worn out, aged or deteriorated rubber.
  • Exposed Cords.
  • Any sign of previous faulty repairs.

Wheel Alignment

car tyre alignment

Wheel alignment involves checking the direction and angle of the wheels to ensure they remain parallel to one another. Adjustments can then be made to the tie rods and control arms to correct alignment. This has several benefits but the easiest to remember is that a-lign-ment helps you to drive in a straight “line” since vehicles with misaligned wheels can pull or drift to one side.

Wheels should be aligned to the optimum position as per the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation which involves adjusting the “toe”, the “camber” and sometimes the “caster” angle. "Toe" refers to whether the front of the tyres are closer or further apart than the rear of the tyres whereas “Camber” describes the inward or outward tilt of the tyre. “Caster” refers to the angle between vertical and the steering pivot axis and can be adjusted by moving the suspension struts.

Wheels will generally become misaligned over time due largely to road conditions. Hitting a pothole, a curb or even a speed bump are all common causes of alignment problems which can lead to uneven tyre wear, the car pulling to the left or right, and uneven braking, so it’s recommended that you have your alignment checked every year. Doing so could save you money in the long run as you’ll be changing your tyres less frequently and spending less on fuel due to the reduced rolling resistance of the correctly aligned tyres.

Wheel Balancing

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Wheel balancing ensures that the weight of your wheels is evenly distributed equally around the whole wheel and the tyre rotates evenly. To do this our mechanics will attach small weights to the inside of your rim to counter the weight inconsistencies. This is all done on a special piece of machinery that will locate exactly where a weight needs to be placed and how large that needs to be.

It’s important to address wheels that are not correctly balanced to ensure you receive the best ride comfort. Incorrectly balanced wheels produce a vibration that is felt through the steering wheel when travelling above a certain speed that can cause considerable discomfort over time. What’s more, balance issues can cause premature wearing of your tyres, suspension and steering components.

Valve Replacement

car valve replacement

he tyre valve stem in your wheel is a small but very important part of your vehicle as far as safety and tyre life is concerned. It holds the pressure inside the tyre assembly and is the access point to adjust your tyre pressure. A valve cap in good condition is also essential as it provides a secondary seal and prevents dirt from getting inside. A car tyre valve is generally made from rubber to give it flexibility; however, this rubber deteriorates with age and use. Valves can become damaged due to the force they are subjected to while driving and their exposure to the elements. They are relatively inexpensive yet vital to the performance of tyres and your safety. That’s why at Pickering Tyres, we replace your tyre valve stem with a brand new one every time a tyre bead is broken.


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